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Meg McKinney is a photographer who enjoys the challenge and creativity of capturing life through a lens --- from an open-cockpit airplane over Texas skies, to underwater photography in the Cayman Islands.

Her compelling images will tell the story of your publication, website, or corporate client.

Meg is available to photograph your assignment, and willing to travel to do so. She is a Delta Million-Miler and considers flying to an assignment perfectly normal, as well as driving to mid-south, deep south, and gulf coast locations.

From rural hamlets to big cities, 5 star restaurants to burger joints, national parks to urban renewal projects, and people who are household names to special needs children, Meg’s photography goes anywhere, anytime. See People, Places, Hoofbeats tabs.

As a fulltime staff photographer for Southern Living magazine for 14 years, her assignments covered travel, features, and home interiors. The volume of assignments -- approx. 150 per year -- and pace -- 180 days a year of travel -- plus collaborative team work and editing time in the office, kept her accustomed to a very full schedule at the magazine. Capturing images of the American south, southwest, Caribbean and Mexico, made her an active participant in the editorial process, and her photographs exciting.

Capturing words and pictures for a story is a favorite passion of Meg’s. She self-produced 7 projects for Southern Living, such as Gem Mining (NC), and A Quilters’ Retreat (Texas). Kentucky’s Mane Event, the Rolex 3-Day Event horse show, can be viewed at the Published tab.

Open waters and sunny skies attract Meg and her camera. She has photographed 14 cruises, with themes ranging from teaching travel photography to Southern Living at Sea cruisers, from quilt-making Caribbean cruises, to big band music on the Delta Queen Steamboat. See Holidays at Sea, Published tab.

Prior to working for Southern Living as a staff photographer, Meg freelanced her photography to Houston corporate clients --- Continental Airlines; Pennzoil; Kellogg, Brown and Root Co.; and the 1992 Republican Convention Committee (hiring based on portfolio, not affiliation), see People tab. She also photographed homes for New York-based magazines, writing copy to accompany her images.

Her photographic roots began as a news photographer, hired on-staff at several newspapers, mostly in Texas. Daily assignments --- news, sports, features, photo-essays with text and lay-out designs, and requisite darkroom responsibilities --- taught her to work quickly, efficiently, while producing quality images and developing a rapport with the subject(s). See Black & White tab.

In her spare time, she is an experienced horsewoman who rides American Saddlebred horses. The Hoofbeats tab reflects Meg’s lifelong passion for horses.

Master of Arts degree, University of Missouri, photojournalism.